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Designing destinations, new narratives

The Writing Business delivered copy for the new WATG website.

Services pages are one of the most important sections of a website for any business. It is where you help your clients find what they need and introduce them to how you can help.

We wrote seven services pages for WATG, the global group designing destinations. To obtain the information needed we first sent a brief questionnaire to WATG’s design and strategy leaders. We also conducted  interviews with them.  We worked on the Basecamp project management app so that everyone involved could see the progress and provide feedback across the site.

We wrote copy for Strategy, Planning, Urban, Landscapes, Architecture, Interiors and Integrated Design. We edited and streamlined copy across the rest of the site.

‘We are the storytellers of place, fitting together all the pieces of the land puzzle’ (Landscape)

‘The strength of this model has always been and will always be in the personal connections made between people who unite in a place, and together create its story.’ (Architecture)

‘Some of our most innovative spaces are created between buildings, in spaces where people gather and connect. Here is where they work, laugh, and play and where memories are made.’ (Urban Design)

‘Working in an integrated practice, our dedicated design leaders, supported by discipline specialists and studio teams in WATG’s global network, free our clients from the pressures of sourcing, retaining and managing multiple consultants.’ (Integrated Design)

We received great feedback on our work on the site. It is a process to come up with copy, or any text for the web, business literature, articles, or books. It’s a good process, as it helps you identify who you are, and  your true goals are. That’s what we love about this work, and our clients. To find out more about how we can assist you, please get in touch.

Is it a challenge to show people your work?

What do your clients want to read?

The question is not what to write… Image : TWB

“The biggest communications challenge is in getting our work seen.” This wasn’t said to me by the founder of a fledgling business but one of the leaders of a successful international group. “If people see the strength and depth of our work then they will understand,” he said.

But how do we communicate the strength, depth and relevance of our work? This is the challenge for everyone, educators, writers, scientists, and even for highly successful individuals and entities that you would expect to be visual and visible.

What do your clients need to know? That you were formed in 1997? No, Not really.

That you can help them? Yes.

How can you can them? Yes.

Our services: 

  • Copy writing
  • Copy editing
  • Journalism
  • Creative writing
  • Fiction and non-fiction manuscript consultation
  • Editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Proof reading
  • Training and workshops
  • Coaching and mentoring.

Everything we do is related to writing and reading.

Our clients are diverse:

  • Architects & designers
  • Financial services
  • Educators
  • Fundraisers
  • Newspaper publishers
  • Web publishers
  • Travel and lifestyle groups
  • Consumer publishers
  • Educators
  • Creative agencies
  • Other writers (writers need editors and support)
  • Individuals who have a great story

Every project is different with unique requirements. That’s what makes it fun.

Stop Press… Stop Press…Stop Press Stop Press… Stop Press…Stop Press!

Our recent work includes

  • New website copy. We have completed writing services text for a leading global design group.
  • New Novel. We have completed editing and publishing work with Gloria E. Swan for her novel Henry’s Battle. Out now!

What do your clients need to know?

Marian Edmunds, The Writing Business.