What Is Your Powerful Story?

Hello and welcome! I’ve only ever met two people (old-school journalists) whose copy couldn’t be polished any more. And believe me, I tried!

But does quality matter any more in the constant race to ship content and ensure we are at the top of the screen?
In this age of automation and personalization, we can distribute stories and content more easily than ever. But first, we need to write.

I’m Marian Edmunds of The Writing Business and I help with:

With a journalism background, including writing and editing at the Financial Times for 15 years, and contributing to the Australian Financial Review, The Weekend Australian and many specialist publications, I reported on diverse sectors, places and people around the world. My special topics include architecture, and the global travel and tourism sectors. I’ve also worked with software startups, industry leaders, authors, and CEOs.

Stories are my currency and they are yours too.

Why work with me? Testimonials

Our readers are busy supporting customers and take precious minutes from their day to read our blog. Since working with Marian, Kayako’s average readers connect more with our posts, and the time spent on each page has shot up!
Marian can make a dense topic inviting! As a result of Marian’s experience, guidance and mentoring, I’ve become a better writer and line editor.
Adam RogersContent Manager, Kayako, the unified customer software platform.

Marian helped me with my email course copy and my website copy. The difference was like night and day. Andy Henson, Foxsoft

I was concerned whether Marian would succeed in preparing complex scientific material for ZEG Berlin. The result was easy to understand writing for subject matter that is most definitely not!
Marian took the time to absorb the content, to ask questions and fully wrap herself around the topic. I appreciated Marian’s ability to pull out the most important concepts from the copy to create succinct headings. I couldn’t have done this job without Marian! Laura Yeffeth, Website Consultant. We worked together on Zeg-Berlin’s pharmacoepidemiology website.

Above all, writing a book requires putting thoughts and ideas into serious writing. This requires developing a distinct voice by going through a learning curve. Thank you to Marian Edmunds who assisted me by reviewing and challenging my writing with the first draft proposal for Wiley. Sebastian Salicru, Leadership Development Expert & Author:‘Leadership Results: How to create adaptive leaders and high-performing organisations for an uncertain world’ Wiley

Some rather nice words in a rather nice order. Working with Marian you get clever thinking and observation; Insight, accuracy, and talent. Vivid Agency, brand and communication designer.

The white paper elevated conversations and was profile-raising.Dan Cox, Director, Carr Design

1/ Content marketing, strategy, mentoring & editing

You may be the expert, a leader in your field with the greatest product and service and the most helpful tips. But is your story getting out there? Wouldn’t you like your reader stats to be going off?
Get regular mentoring and editing to back your SEO strategy with a writing and content strategy, editorial calendar, writing skills and goals. I set up a schedule with you for regular Skype chats and for weekly/fortnightly/monthly editing deadlines. Have your copy edited and polished ready for your eager audience.


2/ Content Please!
Did your designer/developer or market need to see your copy yesterday?

You are probably working with a web designer and developer on your site! Or about to. They are specialists. And so is your copywriter. Writing copy all by yourself is like doing your own plumbing. It can leave you with unspeakable stuff where you don’t want it! You need content that reaches your people with clear calls to action. We take care of the grammar and spelling but more than that, we focus on your clients’ and what they are searching for and need. Even if you’re reaching lots of clients using email automation software and doing A/B testing, is your content drawn to you at a deeper individual level and converting? 

I’ve only ever met two writers (newspaper columnists) whose copy couldn’t be improved. And believe me, I tried!



3/ Your White Paper is read all over!

Preparing a white paper elevates conversations between you, your colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. A paper of clarity, quality, and relevance stands a chance of gaining press and will go like hot cakes at your next event. Helping your clients get up to speed on topics is an investment in your shared future. Write and be read.
Be an influencer.


P.S. Are you confident your copy is reaching out and attracting your people?  Let’s talk about your ideal client!