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Turn your research, design, or ideas into your book, paper or content

Write a book, paper or content to share expertise, expand your market, and establish your authority

A book is one of the best calling cards you can have. People can discover you through your book. Researching and writing a book or paper builds knowledge, showcases talent, and elevates your  colleagues and clients in their future thinking.

Finely crafted writing captures your ideas before they are lost and assembles them in a way no one else can. It provides a platform for you and gives structure to your ideas so you can share your mastery. A book or paper packages your research and your ideas into a lasting resource.

‘…Marian Edmunds; she’s taken our ideas and research and turned that into the paper’

Dan Cox, Director of Commercial Interiors, Carr Design (interview DQ magazine)

Preparing and publishing a white paper has elevated conversations st Carr Design with clients and among the team, says Dan Cox, Director of Commercial Interiors, In an interview in published in Design Quarterly, DQ magazine. Cox refers to our collaboration with Carr Design in writing the paper and says the white paper has been profile-raising.

Carr Design in DQ on the benefits of white papers.

In an interview in DQ, Carr Design described the process for preparing a white paper including working with The Writing Business



With 25+ years as a journalist at the Financial Times and other great newspapers, I know where to start a story and how to keep readers hooked. I help you share ideas and knowledge through your stories. I have collaborated on the structuring and publication of non fiction and fiction.

Voice is important. Soprano or tenor? No. Everyone has a unique writing voice. I help you find yours by writing in collaboration with you.

This is not about spelling or grammar, that is included. My interest is in hearing your ideas and knowledge and sharing that through stories.

Do you:

  • Find writing to be a strain or time-sucking?
  • Know what you want to say but can’t say it clearly?
  • Feel unsure where to start?
  • Cringe about your spelling?
  • Wake up knowing your content costs you business.


    •  Your copy and writing authentically demonstrating your talent
    • Dedicated clients and followers reading or buying everything you build, make, share
    • Your copy, web contents and narratives matching and spotlighting your ideas, services, and products
    • Finishing your book

Your Book

A book is one of the best ways of establishing your credentials. A book is also a great way to learn and to find your vision. Can’t find the information you want, or that you know your clients want? Write the book that you and others need.

Your Paper

People want and need good information. A report or white paper that provides valuable insights will put you front of mind. You will be perceived as the thought leader and when they are thinking about a new project, you will be the one they think of first. It’s a good place to be.

‘A brilliant cover letter (thank you, my ghostwriter) that tied the entire submission together in a brilliant way’

… said a leading international architect after we finished work on a proposal that made its way to the top of the shortlist.

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I know I’ll get back from Marian exactly what I need — whether it be a deep edit, a thorough proofread or a last-minute check.
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Hire Marian and you get clever thinking and observation; Insight, accuracy and talent; Some rather nice words in a rather nice order.

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Marian is creative, thorough and adheres to deadlines.
Editor, in-flight magazine

I used Marian many times as a freelancer and always found her copy to be excellent and on time.
Special Reports, Australian Financial Review