Publish your content (books, courses, papers & web copy) fearlessly without boring people or being irrelevant.

Hello! I’m Marian Edmunds, a writer, and a consultant to people who need to publish but are not writers first. The question I’m asked most often, even if the person is a skilled writer with a great story, is: Will anyone want to read this stuff?
Yes! If you give people what they need. As a journalist at leading newspapers (including the Financial Times, 15 years), I know the value people place on good information from trusted sources.
Read below for how I can help you with content specific to your clients. 

Is your content working against you?

The consultant’s copy chief.

I’ve only ever met two writers (newspaper columnists) whose copy couldn’t be improved. And believe me, I tried! Even if you’re reaching lots of clients using email automation software and A/B testing, is your content connecting you at a deeper individual level? Are you recognising the unique and competing challenges and needs of the other person, your reader, your prospect?
Let’s bring out your best in your copy.

“Some rather nice words in a rather nice order…”

Working with Marian you get clever thinking and observation; Insight, accuracy, and talent.
Vivid Agency 

DIY-Editing Coaching For Non-Writers & Consultants

Are there consultants you’d read every time, even if they wrote the phone book? Everyone writes. But how comfortable do you feel with writing? Good copy, well edited, stands out. And behind every compelling writer is an editor or the teacher who helped them develop their writing and editing chops. The question I am most asked by consultants and people with a story to tell is, will anyone want to read this sh*t? The answer is yes, after editing! The course is coming soon.
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The Plan-Your-Book Package

A book is a prestigious calling card that elevates you in peoples’ minds. Researching a book or paper builds your knowledge, and elevates your thinking. Writing is still the most reliable way to record your ideas before you lose them, possibly forever. A book is the most enduring device. But first, you have to write and structure the book. That’s where I can help.
Let’s talk about your book.

A White Paper (is read all over).

Preparing a white paper elevates conversations between you, your colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. A paper of clarity, quality, and relevance stands a chance of gaining press and will go like hot cakes at your next event. Helping your clients get up to speed on topics is an investment in your shared future. Write it white and be read.
Be an influencer.

The white paper elevated conversations and was profile-raising. Dan Cox, Carr Design cropped-Typewriter-Key_TWB-Logo_Hi-Res.jpg

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