Postcards From You Workshop

Postcards From You

I ♥ New York, Je t’aime Paris


Whether you keep a diary, journal, or send postcards, writing and collecting small souvenirs is a fantastic way to remember and celebrate your travels. In 1898 postcards were known as private mailing cards.
Now millions of digital postcards are shared every day via social media such as Instagram. But the arrival of a postcard sent directly to you is a pleasure.

What do you write on a postcard? Do you give the entire history of your destination? Or list every meals? Or perhaps you and a friend make up nicknames and send postcards to each other playing fictional characters. Guess what! There is no right answer.

This workshop will give you experience in crafting the making and writing of your own personal postcards.


The workshop is being run by Marian Edmunds and Heather Matthew. You will learn about making collages from Heather and how to put together words and art using items that relate to your memories or visualisation of your desired destination. Marian will work with you on writing vignettes and observing the small things that make your cards and diaries a source of joy long after the journey.


Marian is a highly experienced journalist and creative writer who wrote about the travel industry  at the Financial Times. She has stories published in literary travel anthologies, City Pick New York and City Pick Istanbul and works with international architecture firms. In 1986, Marian kept a diary of her travels in Japan and Europe which means she can revisit those places and people in a moment.


Heather is a paper, print and book artist and creativity mentor who has exhibited both locally and internationally. She has held workshops in Taiwan, France and the Netherlands as well as undertaking artist residencies in Iceland and the Central Australian desert. She makes a collage artwork everyday and has exhibited these in local regional galleries. She is passionate about paper, especially paper collage and created a series of #91 collaged postcards during three months of travel in 2018.



When and where: The three-hour workshop will take place Upstairs at 132 Murwillumbah Street, Murwillumbah (above Keith cafe) on March Friday 13 from 9.30 am


Cost $150
Spaces limited
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