All I need is a waterproof voice recorder. Have you made one?

Shower for your best ideas Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

I have my best ideas while in the sea or the shower. Persuasive, flowing stories like no other has written channel through me lighting my soul And then with soapy water they rotate down the plughole.
It happened to me today.


Has anyone invented a waterproof voice recorder?


By recalling the event here, I hope that the fragments in my memory form a coherent replica. They were words for a client. I usually don’t think about my dear clients while in the shower but you can’t halt inspiration.

Could the waterproof recorder work like an underwater camera? Or, how about a spray to retains your finger writing on a foggy shower screen until you capture the notes.

Send Ideas on a postcard please but try not to be in the shower when writing them.

Marian Edmunds