Your designs shape cities and transform our daily lives. And your writing?

You’re a design leader, or will be at your next promotion. When you win competitions your architecture transforms lives and shapes cities.

Your design visuals evoke wows! Are your projects missing out on the attention, approvals and awards they deserve? Do your narratives spell woe? 

I write proposals, narratives, web content and white papers for architects. I also edit books, collateral, in-house publications and press material.

“A brilliant cover letter (thank you, my ghostwriter) that tied the entire submission together in a brilliant way,” said a
happy client after we completed his creative submission on a very tight deadline.

Many design proposals I’ve written have won or been highly placed. I attribute this to working closely with the design team to get to the heart of your vision. Interviews make the biggest difference. I steer designers away from the deadening jargon and beige motherhood statements and give you a chance to open up about your vision. My white papers or long reports have won plaudits from board members, designers, and your clients read and refer to them again and again.

Architectural Writing

Urban regeneration In writing SUCCESSFUL bids for international architecture projects, I put your vision into words your clients enjoy reading. What would that feel like?

You’re a design leader, or will be at your next promotion. When you win competitions your architecture transforms lives and shapes cities.

Are your projects and bids missing out on the wins, plaudits, approvals and awards they deserve?

I write and edit proposals, narratives, storyboards, web content, white papers, books, press material, collateral, in-house publications and architecture book texts.

I focus on bringing out the best in your narrative so you can focus on your design vision.

‘…Marian Edmunds; she’s taken our ideas and research and turned that into the paper’

Dan Cox, Director of Commercial Interiors, Carr Design (interview DQ magazine)

Here’s what to do next. Reach me here.

I’m Marian Edmunds and for 25+ years, I  worked as a journalist in Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK including 15 years at the Financial Times, where one of my specialties was writing about the business of travel and tourism. This included writing about hotel design and tourism planning, and from there my interest in writing about design skyrocketed.

Do you have grand design narratives?

Do you never get around to telling your design stories? Keep planning to write about your projects and ideas but you’re busy and tired? Requests For Proposals all come at once. Meanwhile, you must still service existing clients.

Do you celebrate your design success stories?

My long-term clients count on my help when it’s most needed. As our relationship and trust builds, my design clients have come to rely on me when all hands must be on the pump.

They are frequently amazed at how I grasp their design concept and craft stories even under tight deadlines, and even when the team is spread across the world.

‘It’s not been easy but each and every team member did an amazing job’  Design leader for an international joint venture project in UAE

Imagine your narrative reflecting exactly what you feel about your design and being in tune with your business needs?.How would it feel to have your collateral and narratives ready to be seen and promoted anywhere and anytime?

What narrative or proposal do you need help with now and when is it needed?

Tell me about your narrative, website, or text and what you want it to be.

Marian has prepared text for our presentation boards and publications for significant project proposals. WATG Designing Destinations