Are writing tasks messing with your fun and productivity?

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With extensive international newspaper experience, The Writing Business is accustomed to tight deadlines

Our job is not so much to write as to save you time and stress over writing. We became accustomed (somewhat) to multiple and tight deadlines while working at the FT and other major newspapers.  Please click photo if you would like to learn more about the clock.                     Image: The Writing Business

By Marian Edmunds

In this digital age we all have to be writers but this does not come easily to everyone, not even to writers. It is almost always best to collaborate whether it’s in the writing, editing, proofreading, or planning of your editorial program or structuring of your content, copy, articles, books, or presentations.  The main job of The Writing Business is not to write but to remove your pain and stress about writing. This will give you time to do what you do best or to have some FUN!

For some people coming up with and idea to write about is the biggest stress. Personally I don’t find coming up with ideas a challenge. It is choosing which ideas to work on within a finite time that is a challenge.


Is your editorial deadline for your business presentation or book imminent? Or is it some way off but you are not sure you are on track?


What is most painful or stressful aspect of writing?
A) Coming up with the idea?
B) Knowing where to start?
C) Structuring your text?
D) Being certain about grammar, punctuation and spelling?
E) Being confident in finding the right words, tone and writing voice?
F) Being happy your text sound polished and read well?                                                                    and

G) Meeting deadlines? Finding the time?

We want to find our which parts of the writing process you find the most difficult so that we can take that stress away from you. Please answer in the comments or drop us an email.