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A map for life

Navigating for life

Released 2012 : Navigational Tips for Living in an Imperfect World (We’re all right as we are, if only we knew it!) By Charles Bentley PhD and Marian Edmunds. Download our e-book form or order a print pocket-sized edition.

This book gives pointers for living authentically and taking the risk of showing our true selves to other people, and to the world.
To become personally authentic involves a sea-change in the self. It’s about experiencing each event in your life as a present reality, instead of looking at it through the distorting mirror of the past.

Order your copy now of the little book containing life-changing thoughts. Details at Navigationaltipsforliving.com

City-pick Istanbul

Delightful Turkish stories

Edited by Heather Reyes
** Including a Turkish bath tale by Marian Edmunds

Istanbul is one of the world’s most breathtaking cities where East and West, past and present meet. Now, in city-pick Istanbul, more than sixty dazzling writers reveal the myriad facets of this extraordinary metropolis.
Orham Pamuk makes his own museum; Elif Shafak goes shopping in the Grand Bazaar; William Dalrymple takes ferries across the Bosphorus: Oya Baydar reveals some surprising lives; Geert Mak can’t get enough of the Galata Bridge; Yasha Kemal remembers a mysterious tradition; Maureen Freely falls in love with her adopted city; Orhan Kemal comes in from the countryside; Rory Maclean journeys on the ‘magic bus’; Marian Edmunds forgets her toothbrush at the hamman and much, much more.
With a fascinating introduction by well-known Istanbul crime writer Barbara Nadel and with support from TEDA and the British Council, city-pick Istanbul offers a wealth of literary insights into one of the UK’s most popular city-break destinations.
city-pick Istanbul is the latest in the acclaimed series – ‘superb … it’s like having your own iPad loaded with different tomes, except with the best passages’ The Times – that includes St Petersburg, Berlin, Paris, New York, Venice, London, Amsterdam and Dublin. At href=”<a href=”www.oxygenbooks.co.uk” target=”_blank”>Oxygen Books</a>
city-pick Istanbul was the Bookseller Editor’s Pick for April and is a selected title in the Bookseller’s Spring Buyers’ Guide. Published 11 April 2013.




Literary servings of the big apple

City-pick New York is ideal for people who love New York.

Released October 2011 : City-Pick New York

“City-pick New York” published by Oxygen Books. ‘Blue blue sky’ is an excerpt by Marian Edmunds of The Writing Business in this book along with work by F.Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, David Byrne, Tom Wolfe, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Cunningham and many more. This fabulous literary anthology tells the story of New York’s culture, history, celebrity, and more. Available online, in good bookstores and from  The Writing Business-Studio. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves New York City.