Business Is An Ocean, Own Your Lane

What are your audience’s biggest questions?

What your clients need should be obvious in your content.

Are you keeping in your content lane?  Image: Alex Wong, Unsplash


If you can answer the questions on people’s minds you will reduce fears, and you will build trust. People will remember you as a great source of information. They will return.

A content strategy could save your business. This is exactly the approach Marcus Sheridan took when in the recession of 2008, the fortunes of the fibreglass pool company he worked with plunged. Sheridan listed the hundreds of questions potential purchasers then answered then via content. The business site became the most popular site in his niche, globally!

If you have a production method or a niche that’s specialised, people will have questions. If you don’t anticipate those questions someone else will capture your corner.

Business is an ocean, you can own your corner. Do you need help to get your content in lane and to make a splash?

Marian Edmunds