We were logo-less and now …

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The Writing Business Logo
Choosing a logo isn’t easy. Here we share the thinking that went into our new logo… 

THE WRITING BUSINESS tried life without a logo. At first it didn’t seem important. Our existing clients already counted on us: to deliver engaging copy and narratives; for business writing management; and to pay a level of attention to details that one of our clients says helps them “to sleep soundly at night”.

How, in not so many words, could we convey this to prospective clients? Suddenly a logo became a key item on our shopping list.
A logo is the assembly point where brands align. A logo brings identity and flexibility. You don’t have spend time explaining who you are before you get to the really interesting news of what you are offering. With a logo, we find there is no: “Well, um, we…”

 The Writing Business welcome key : Vivid Agency

A logo may need time to brew. We developed our logo with Vivid Agency. We found this an enjoyable, and sometimes thought-provoking process as the Creative Director ‘teased’ from us detailed information about our experience, and where we want to go with our business.

Our main logo is a series of three typewriter keys with weathered metal edges that speak to our experience and longevity in the business of writing and editing. However, the styling is contemporary. We can have fun with our logo, as we can mix up the characters. The alphabet gives us 26 to choose from, as well as numbers, and other keyboard icons. And if we wish, we can make our own keys, with our own icons for invoices, ‘Like’ buttons for social media, our own thumbs-up.
Each letter of our logo can make a word, so each letter is equally important. That’s perfect for us because that’s how we feel about every word, sentence, paragraph, chapter and book that we work on. It’s also how we feel about our clients.

Our logo can be adapted for different layouts. As well as writing and copywriting we edit and publish

In today’s global and digital market a logo operates subtly across a variety of platforms and media. Not so long ago we would have walked into a businesses premises and instantly decide if we felt comfortable to do business there. Now, the premises is virtual. So the logo and our writing have to work harder.

There was an unexpected bonus from our new logo. It gave us a sense of security and inspiration about developing our brand long into the future, and continuing to work proudly with our clients creating, revamping, and polishing their copy and business literature. TWB. Find us here: thewritingbusiness.com

What does a logo mean to you? Have you been thinking about a new look for your logo and your written content?

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