The Studio Story : New Home

Ready Camera Action

Film vault – The Writing Business have moved to

New Chapter

The Writing Business Studio has a new home at Suite 1,132 Murwillumbah Street, Murwillumbah 2484. It’s at the Post Office end of Main Street beside an antiques store and near to Vinnies. It’s also just around the corner from the fantastic new Tweed Museum

In the previous chapter The Writing Business – Studio was located in Northern NSW in banking chambers that had the feel of a film set. The building was used as a film set on March 22, 2013 for the US ‘dramedy’ Camp. Scenes shot at the building included Rachel Griffiths who plays the Camp owner and Kim Knuckey who played a loans officer.

At street level is a toyshop with cracked painted signage beside a lighting shop and the bank. A blue carpeted staircase with cedar railings leads up to the studio. At the top of the stairs is a steel vault with (frequently) polished brass knobs. There’s also an accountancy firm that hangs a shingle for the list of curiously-named corporations headquartered here. The corridor has a Get Smart feel about it, and if you carry on following the subtle peace signage you find the Hip Pocket book store. It’s open when open and is a psychedelic homage to the Beat Generation, a time warp created with love by a young fine arts student. He paints and sketches, stopping only offer a laid-back greeting or to go across to the record player and flip vinyl. One night I watched the former lead singer of Canned Heat in a duet with a man who plays tea chest bass. I sat on a pew as down the corridor in the writing studio, a manuscript, my next literary dream, printed out. Sketches and old album covers line the ceiling. It is in the new part of the building, and as you know already, the older buildings were always built best. And that’s where we are…

The Writing Business – global and local

In the studio, the word ‘SOLICITORS’ is engraved on a sash window once sprayed painted in elegant silver the window. The solicitors in question are forebears of one of the TWB team. From the studio there is a view to the high street below and up the hill where houses layer up the other side of what is known as hospital hill. Sometimes buskers play downstairs and we shut the window and doors depending on just how much citar one can take…

We work with clients all over Australia and across the world yet The Writing Business Studio remains a keen participant in the local community providing and facilitating writing coaching, mentoring and workshops for all ages from teens upwards. That’s the power of storytelling.

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