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Certain things go together.
Avocados and smashing, Aussies and the beach, AND websites and copy. Intuitive user design and content that calls people to action are the veins and arteries of your website.

You get the picture from these words. Right?

But writing websites is hard. It seems like it SHOULD be easy but it can be one of your single biggest pains. And it’s unavoidable. Every website needs content that speaks to its target audience. is a process to ease you through writing your site. It is a friendly guide for defining your business, identifying what your clients need, and transforming that into your content.

When you finish workbook, you will have the content you need to make yourself super clear to your target audience.Designing for Good Content.

Designing for Good Content aka Keeping Your Designer Happy

Maybe a designer sent you here. Or your developer? Is your designer chasing you for your content?

We help you to keep your designer off your back about content.

Designers are OK, really they are!  Designers need content to plan the design of your site.

Can’t they just use Lorem Ipsum first? What? That’s the placeholder text that looks like Latin. It comes from the works of Cicero in 45 B.C. We can be more current.

The clearer your content, the easier it will be for the designer and developer.

With the content and the design in place, your product or service will be a ripe cherry, red and irresistible for the picking.

Using, you will be on a clear path to writing functional content for your website.

You will also learn the basics of website writing without feeling like you have to eat a textbook.

Lean in close and I’ll tell you a secret.

You need only a few basics to write your initial site – that’s all — and we’ll be covering those here.

As is set out in a workbook, you will have to work through it. But we have made this smooth for you.

But I don’t want to be all by myself. 

Chill! You have choices.

  1. Work alone at your own pace. The questions are set out to allow that.


02. Work through the interactive guide to give you help and professional feedback. This is not an App! Or a machine! It is the ability to work with, and be guided – receive a little handholding – from an experienced writer and instructor here at Content

03. But wait there’s more. If you take up our interactive guidance, and if you find that writing content makes you squeamish, we can get your site written for you.
(Relax, you’re still a good person, believe me!)

Or if you have no time, we can help with that. We can discuss bespoke packages to refine every part of your site.


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Workbook $ 295 (example)

Workbook + Interactive support $325 (example)


Our interactive questionnaire starts here. (you may need to log into ofcoursebooks (at no cost) to see.