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Copywriting to fit your needs
We produce copywriting projects for companies and organisations large and small. 
If you require copy about an upcoming event, new project, campaign, bios or advertisements or a feature article or blog content, we can get to the heart of the topic swiftly.

We also provide copywriting support for agencies – design, PR and digital.

Any copy, content, manuscript or article is telling your story. What happened?
What do you offer to the world with your goods, services and creations?

Fresh content

Fresh content

Editing has two key areas :
STRUCTURAL EDITING ~ the big picture. It is the framework of the house. Are the proportions right? Does your story and content stand up? Is it structurally sound?
LINE EDITING ~ the fixtures and fittings, the decor, the tone, the cadence. The flourishes are added when needed.

Proofreading is essential :
If you don’t take the trouble to ensure spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct, potential clients will wonder if you are just as casual about your entire business.
Why does it matter? Business is about relationships, and communications are the key. An error in text will distract attention from the intended impact. Literature that is concisely and correctly set out keeps business relationship on track.

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