To proofread is to care

Proofreading is important. If you don’t take the trouble to ensure spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct, clients will wonder if you are just as casual about your entire business.

Why does it matter? Business is about relationships, and communications are the key. Business literature that is concisely set out and that captures the right tone smoothes the way. Smelling* mistakes are distracting. The same goes for * words out. A comma in the wrong place can completely alter the meaning of a sentence.
To proofread is to put the final touches to your professional presentations and business literature.

“I’m just about to send my latest piece of copy to Marian for editing and proofing. I know I’ll get back from Marian exactly what I need – whether it be a deep edit, a thorough proof read or a quick last-minute check.  Apologies for any typos, because Marian hasn’t proof read this recommendation.”

Christiana Stergiou, Scribbly Bark