For awesome writing tips read a 10-year-old

We have ways of making you eat fast food

A 10-year-old has a huge advantage over adults. They know what is and isn’t awesome. They know when to use the word awesome. This is a huge head start in persuasive writing. Children don’t complicate their writing.

Here is a 10-year-old on why fast food should be banned:

‘I think fast food should be banned because it’s unhealthy and if you buy it all the time then you might get obese and I am sure you don’t want that to happen. You might think that it’s nice to eat fast food but really you should stop eating it. The time is now to stop eating fast food and start eating healthy food. Do you think you should? If you do eat healthy food then that is awesome – not just awesome, extremely awesome. But if you don’t well then I am sorry but you’re not my friend any more.’

The message is persuasive, logical, touches the emotions, and presents a call to action.

Never mind that tomorrow that same 10-year-old will want to visit ‘Maccas’ (the Australian-only nickname for McDonald’s) or, that in an hour they will be your friend again, or still. A 10-year-old is awesome like that – extremely awesome.

We have ways of making you eat fast food.

Awesome or not? 
A 10-year-old knows.

But for uncluttered logic in starting our message, 10-year-olds have something to teach those of us who are at a stage beyond awesome but who sometimes think too much.

Marian Edmunds is a writer, editor and writing mentor.