Six. Every. Day.

Six. Every. Day. That’s how many suicides there are in Australia every day. Who are they? For one part of Australian society suicide almost never arose until 30 years ago. Who are they? I was invited by Anne Summers to write this story about suicide, a topic I would never otherwise have covered. It is […]

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The cost-benefit analysis of writing about difficult topics

Understanding tourism

Should we take on writing jobs that  are painfully complex, dry or draining, and just plain difficult? Or should we run a mile? It depends. If a topic is difficult to the point of being life ruining, then the writer nor the client will end up happy.                 […]

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Truth, Lies & Percentages

Increase your confidence in percentages by 100%

Do you know the difference between a percentage and a percentage point? It’s the kind of question you’d rather not be asked at a job interview.  Luckily, I was  prepped by a friend to expect this question at the Financial Times. It was also the only interview where I was asked about my high school math […]

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Repurposing people back into content creation

Purposeful content

Whenever I meet with new clients or interview people for articles in business newspapers, I always spot more than one idea or story that could be covered or written about. Always. Writers are curious and we spend our lives looking at details and nuances that do not concern other people. I sometimes wonder what it […]

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