Take the ‘ow’ out of copywriting

Flow beats ow. Aim for clear writing to keep clients focused on your key message


Full cream is better than cash ow

Flow tops  ow: www.thewritingbusiness.com

By Marian Edmunds
An email arrived from an accountant friend a month or two ago proudly announcing their new website.
 I clicked and it was true, the site looked great. Always curious about written content, I scanned the home page to find that my friend’s firm offers the usual accountancy services and another called cash ow management. Cash ow is a feeling that is probably familiar to many of us. A good accountant like my friend can help you to convert cash ow into cash flow. While reading the website another possibility for cash ow jumped out at me. Cash cow !

Do errors and typos really matter?

Our view at The Writing Business is that professional writing and editing will ensure your copy is clean and clear. This means the reader, your potential client, will not be distracted from your key message and will be focused entirely on your story.

How about you? Do errors and typos bother you? And do you write and edit your own content, or is there someone you call on who takes away the ow?

P.S. For more on cash flow here’s an article we wrote for Bite, the business magazine for dentists.

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