Creative writing mentoring

I worked with Gloria first as a mentor and then as editor of Henry's Battle.

I worked with Gloria first as a mentor and then as editor of Henry’s Battle.

The Writing Business : Studio runs mentoring programmes and small workshops. This can be provided as need whether you require ongoing mentoring or would like the chance to focus on your writing while on vacation.

Want to write? Trying to find your writer’s voice? Grappling with the structure of your book? Want to know whether you should keep writing? (Well, yes! Resoundingly yes! And we will look at how.)

Why mentoring? It is time specifically for you the writer at whatever stage you are at. The sessions which can be held in person or online gives you the chance to reflect on your writing habits – word choice, story direction, as well as a chance to receive constructive feedback on your work. We gives individual encouragement in your writing goals. To receive your writing prompt and confirm your place contact +0411808445 or email

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We are located at The Writing Business – Studio in Murwillumbah in Northern NSW. To find out how we can help you develop your writing contact us today.

The workshop programme is directed by Marian Edmunds, author, journalist for leading newspapers for 25 years, official blogger for Byron Bay Writers’ Festival for 5 years and an experienced coach and university teacher.

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